Savannas Preserve State Park – Bike

We wanted to explore a new bike path and had read that the trails at Savannas Preserve State Park were not as easy to ride as the shellrock trails at other parks, but they were traverseable on a mountainbike so we thought we’d check them out. Savannas is located in eastern Port St. Lucie and offers hiking, biking and equestrian trails as well as kayaking/canoing trails. In addition the park offers wonderful opportunities for bird watchers to sit under covered pavilions and wait for wildlife to pass by.

Before heading out, we stopped at the pavillion, and we saw this beautiful sandhill crane sitting on her nest. Due to their declining habitat, Florida Sandhill Cranes are considered endangered, and it warms my heart to see them breeding. Once paired, these birds will mate for life producing one to two offspring per season. They are vigilant parents and will usually raise their young well into their first year of life.

After admiring the nesting birds, we made our way out towards the multi use trail. The trail is mostly dirt, in some areas there is grass, but because it is shared by hikers, horse, and bikers alike there were areas where the dirt was very loose and difficult to plow through. If your bike does not have gears, I do not suggest you attemp these trails. On our journey we saw marshy lakes, as well as pine flatland. At one point I stopped to take the photograph of the slash pines at the opening of the post, and my boyfriend kept going down the trail. When I finally made my way to cxatch up with him, I came upon a fork in the trail. My heart sank thinking which way did he go? I took the right trail and peddled as fast as I could calling out to him, hoping he would hear me and turn around at any moment. I peddled for about ten minutes and I couldn’t find him. Mild panic was starting to set in.

I had the camera bag, but he had the backpack with the food, water, and cell phones. I had no way to communicate with him. I yelled his name at the top of my lungs several more times, but I heard no reply. I wasn’t sure what I should do, but I didn’t want to keep going forward so I turned around and headed back towards the fork in the trail. I figured, worst case I could ride back to the car and wait for him there. As I came upon the bend I saw him standing there at the fork waiting for me. I don’t know if I have ever been so relieved in all of my life. I know I wasn’t lost in the woods, I knew my way back, but for those few minutes I couldn’t find him, I was really scared. This was a serious lesson to me to always carry my cell phone on me instead of in the backpack.

In total we rode for about 4 or 5 miles when we hit an area that was so loose, we couldn’t keep going. We turned around and headed back. Before leaving the park we stopped by the large lake again and checked out the canoe launch area. This park is truly beautiful and provided us with a great adventure I won’t forget any time soon.

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